Shortly before Christmas it rained!

Shortly before Christmas it rained. Actually it rained pretty much for months before Christmas – or so it seemed. But I want to be specific about a particular day that it rained – December 22nd.

We were preparing for Christmas and New Year and had various people staying for parts of the holiday break. I don’t know why but I went into the spare room and noticed that we now had an internal water feature and not one that I had previously installed! Water was running down the walls and across the ceiling.

Mild panic succumbed to action and after a few minutes of mopping and entering the loft to place appropriately positioned buckets, the situation was under control. However, what was the likelihood of getting this fixed this side of Christmas? And at what price?

I Facebooked my friends and asked for help in locating a reputable roofer. To cut this short – the roof was repaired on Christmas Eve at about 8.30am, and at a price I thought quite reasonable. Christmas and New Year was saved at the last minute……….

So, what is the point of this? Simply that the roof had been leaking for a while – a small patch of discoloured ceiling at the top of the chimney breast, indicated that there was a problem with the flashing above, but only when the wind blew the rain in a certain direction and if the rain was heavy enough. So it wasn’t a problem.

Or at least it wasn’t a problem I needed to tackle right now. So it was left until it became a crisis and I had to do something about it.

How many of us have things at work, at home or at leisure that are small, noticeable “stains”, but insufficient irritants for us to tackle right now? They can go on the “later” pile, because I am too busy now; it is not a priority; it will be OK – it has lasted this long like that; maybe it will just go away; I don’t know what to do about it; it is hassle to get help. There are probably reasons you can insert right here…………

The point is if I had fixed the problem before it became a crisis, I would not have an entire room to redecorate, rather than some touching in of the existing paintwork. Then there was also the emotional energy spent worrying over whether I could get it fixed to enable the room to be used for those staying with us (there was some “catastrophising” in action!).

So, why not take stock now of the things that you have accommodated, things that have now become part of the accepted norm to the extent that they go unnoticed, and tackle these things (some might actually be quite important), before they move into the urgent category and become crises?

Is it time to get that monkey off your back? If you think “what monkey” by the way, that may simply show how well adjusted the two of you have become! APP is good at helping businesses shift monkeys (and flush out elephants in the room too) – give us a call, even on Christmas Eve, before you have full blown zoo on your hands!