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Kent Police

Following the successful design and delivery of modules for the Kent Police Leadership Programme – Blueprint for Leadership – APP were approached to help with team development, benefits analysis and delivery for a project team.

There was clearly a need for an intervention which would raise the issue of project benefits with team members, allow them to focus on the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes they would need to improve individually and then to focus on developing these across the team.

A programme was designed and delivered which had to have the added benefit of developing the team. This was successfully delivered in March 2010.

Following the programme a detailed analysis of people development areas was completed and this has been incorporated into the team’s Project Management Plan for the year. APP has been invited to design and deliver another programme in 2011.

“I am really pleased- we have all been re-enthused about benefits! We will be ‘de-briefing’ the session at our next monthly meeting and then looking to implement changes to PMF. Thanks again, it was a really enjoyable day, which has given us a great foundation to build on.” Fiona Brown, Programme Delivery Manager, Kent Police

Participant comments and actions:

“I can apply a lot of this to life as well as work!”

“I really hadn’t thought of using the strengths of our team to deliver benefits in this way before.”

“I now have a real understanding of the skills, knowledge and attitudes that I need to have to make me more successful and effective at my work.”

“A great day – the Trainer was right – we have tended to focus on features rather than benefits – lesson learnt.”

“Today has really made me think about the skills I need to develop personally and how I am going to work on them.”

Close Invoice Finance

APP had designed and delivered a highly successful Customer Service Improvement Programme to all staff at CIF offices across the country. By continuing to work with CIF we identified the need for a simple but effective Performance Management system to be designed and then implemented across the company.

As the company had nothing formal in place we constructed a set of agreed competencies and then designed a simple, competency based process and provided all supporting documentation. This was implemented via a bespoke training programme for Managers and Staff across the company.

Design, testing and rollout was completed to schedule across the business and then evaluated.

Follow up training was then put in place around Coaching and Mentoring, Handling Difficult Situations and Team Development. The whole process was crucial to Close’s aim of becoming IIP registered and in the Times Top 100 small companies.

“APP designed and delivered a bespoke course for us having fully investigated our needs. The workshops delivered were enormous fun and very interactive. The focus was on Quality Service and Teamwork and we have been delighted with the feedback, outcomes and impact on our people. We are looking forward to working with APP again.” Andrew Curry, Operations Director, Close Invoice Finance Ltd

Participant comments and actions:

“Think more about the bigger picture. How do my actions affect others.”

“Think about the effect of my actions on other departments. I will not think of things as them and us. This will help employees and customers.”

“The fun way that important matters were put across. This makes the workshop more palatable and gets the message across in a way that sticks in the memory.”

“Using non-obvious ways of explaining the importance of teamwork.”

“Simple exercises with a clear message that can be related back to what is done in the workplace.”

“Team activities were extremely helpful, as got to work together and communicate with others that I wouldn’t normally. Activities also showed how we do need to all work together to get the best results for the company.”

Global financial institution – Case Study and delegate comments

A global financial institution were implementing a major re-vamp to their Performance Management process and had designed a training solution for the UK. As the deadline for delivery approached, they were having difficulty finding enough internal resource to deliver the solution to their own exacting standards, so they contacted APP Ltd for help in delivery.

At very short notice we were able to schedule and resource in excess of 100, 2 day training events held right across the UK, over a four month period ensuring that they met their delivery deadline.

Not only were we congratulated on how we brought the material to life but participants were often surprised that our team were from an external supplier as “we all spoke their language”.

Subsequently, they invited APP Ltd back the following year to deliver similar material to ‘significant people managers’ – those who managed teams in excess of 100 people. Again this was delivered to deadline and with similar levels of exemplary feedback.

Participant comments and actions:

“Thought provoking.”

“The trainer was exceptionally good at remembering comments that individuals had made and referring back to them at opportune times, everyone felt involved. Made me want to embrace this and find out more.”

“Brilliant course, I felt engaged at all times. The trainer talks and keeps the class engaged at all times. Thank you for the experience.”

“Very well presented, with a powerful message.”

“It was a very useful experience, totally engaging, it help me grow and understand.”

“A very enjoyable 2 days. I have come away with some excellent tools, skills and learning points. I have a better understanding and feel more confident.”

“Thought provoking course, delivered in an enthusiastic and entertaining manner. This has resulted in me wanting to change and I have more motivation.”

“Thoroughly enjoyable two days. Course delivered with tremendous energy, enthusiasm and interest in us as individuals. All viewpoints valued and sufficient time allowed for wider discussion. The trainer was humorous, realistic and used analogies and examples to clarify the training. Arrived feeling why am I on another course leaving with totally different outlook/enthusiasm to use tools and motivate team.”