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Team Development

  • Creating high performing teams
  • Team creation/change
  • Offsite facilitation
  • Offsite team development
  • Training trainers
  • Developing creativity and innovation
  • Enjoying work


  • Service skills:-
    • Face to face, Telephone and Letter writing
  • Complaints
  • Retention
  • Service excellence and improvement
  • Handling challenging:-
    • People
    • Situations


  • Selling skills:-
    • Face to face, Telephone and Letter writing
  • Diary management
  • Managing client meetings and Identifying client need
  • Presenting solutions and Managing objections
  • Influence
  • Negotiation and After sales

Performance Management

Performance Improvement
Improving Poor Performance:-

  • Individuals
  • Teams

Target and Goal Setting
Performance and Reward
Engaging people
Performance Management Systems


Managing my:-

  • Negotiations
  • Influence, Assertiveness and Communications
  • Self
  • Time and Results
  • Presentations and Report writing
  • Meetings
  • Team
  • Engagement and Impact


  • Developing leaders and leadership
  • Developing self
  • Developing individuals and teams
  • Leading self
  • Leading individuals and teams
  • Leadership styles
  • Leadership stress
  • Leadership vision


Coaching skills development:-

  • Questioning
  • Listening

Coaching coaches

We also provide 1-2-1 coaching

Change Management

The 7 steps of change:-

  1. Change and me
  2. Change and individuals
  3. Change and teams
  4. Change and processes
  5. Change and culture
  6. Change and the organisation
  7. Change and customers

Organisational development
Change strategy
Change facilitation

Mr. Johnson’s Room

I had a long journey the other day and arrived at my hotel very tired. I hadn’t actually booked the room myself, my colleague had, but I had the booking reference from him and had stayed there a few times before. The lady I saw on reception was very welcoming and I explained who I was and that I wanted to check in and here was my credit card.

“I can’t see that we have a booking for you Mr. Johnson and we are fully booked tonight.” […]

Is there anything else I can help you with?

I had to contact my old home insurance company the other day. We have moved house and despite having cancelled the insurance and the direct debit on the previous house we got renewal papers through.

What struck me first was how expensive it would be compared to the prior year. We live in an age where companies love to get new business by offering attractive first year deals but then look to recoup any first year discount as soon as possible. This doesn’t necessarily drive the most effective client behaviour as it encourages clients to shop around […]