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Improving Performance – Take a Meerkat Moment

We are currently coming to the close of a large delivery program company that is trying to instill new company values into the management team and beyond. Part of this new initiative is to try to focus less on the “whats” and more on the “hows”; something that many companies are trying to achieve and intellectually this makes sense.

We all know the old clichés, when discussing our people – you know the ones ‘our most valuable asset’, ‘a leader cannot succeed without a team to lead’, ‘there is no I in team…………..

Your window to The World

I was driving down the M4 the other day and spotted a rather interesting livery on a removal van. To protect the innocent I won’t mention the name of the company but it is necessary to mention that the company name started with an A as in A……… Removals. The livery on the rear of the van in large font was A…… Removals Surprisingly Economical, written vertically […]

Improving performance or cementing poor practices?

I was sitting in one of my favourite places the other day enjoying coffee, reading a good book and doing a little bit of people watching. It is amazing what you see if you just look. All of what we discuss in the training room happens in real life. It so happens that on the table next to me I noticed that there was a performance review being undertaken. Which is cool, as we often mention in training, getting the environment right adds great value to the process, getting out of the office can change mind sets and encourage a deeper discussion. Except, this wasn’t getting out of the office […]