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Leadership – Strong or Weak?

Jeff Randall writing in the Telegraph on April 30th (http://ow.ly/aMghj) beat me to it. The article is certainly engaging and looks at the need for a bit of “Di Matteo magic” or what he calls the personal touch at giant businesses like Barclays and Tesco to “drag them from the doldrums”. I decided to wait until Chelsea had actually won something however, before commenting; Saturday’s fourth FA Cup win in six years was a “result” from all that improved Chelsea on-field performance.

I feel sorry for the people on the front line

A quick trip into one of my local shops to pick up a paper is providing me with a revealing insight into the how the business is run. It is a small store for a major PLC retailer……

I was in the queue behind an elderly gentleman, who like, had just gone in to purchase a paper. The shop assistant handed him a small leaflet, whilst waiting for the till receipt to be printed. He indicated that he didn’t want it. “But I have to give it to you” she protested; reluctantly and very politely he took it from her. “If you then want to give it back to me that is OK!” she then added. Somewhat shocked he returned the voucher and left. I took the voucher when it was my turn, keen to see what all the fuss was about […]

Thinking outside the box, outside the box?

This article caught my eye recently which reports on the findings of an earlier research report into the link between bodily experience and creative cognition. It has long been held that the way we think and perceive things is affected by our physicality; training has embodied this by moving people around (changing their physicality) during exercises, using toys to create tactile experience whilst thinking […]